Best Batteries For Trail Cameras

When it comes to the batteries for trail cameras, the most important thing by far is the battery life. Most of the companies producing trail cameras will market a battery life of two years. Technically they are not lying but that comes out as truth only in a few scenarios.

They are not telling you that battery consumption is much higher when the camera is not hibernating and it’s taking footage. The battery life of two years is true only if the camera never took any footage and it remained inactive for two years.

To uncover what is just a marketing trick and what is the truth, we have prepared a post that shows the best batteries for a trail camera. Of course, as the battery life is the most important factor, our top picks for the best batteries for trail cameras are mostly going to be based on that.

There are three types of batteries for trail cameras and those are rechargeable batteries. The second type is alkaline batteries or AA batteries.AA batteries are your best choice in warm environments but they are not recommended when it gets colder.

The third type is lithium batteries, they are by far the most expensive and usually cost double the price of AA batteries. They are recommended in the cold season because they are not affected by the cold and you can get more charge out of them.

The worst of these three types are the rechargeable ones because their battery life is pretty short and they are inconvenient because you have to recharge them every time they run out. Of course, we will provide you with the best ones of this type too in case you have access only to them.

Comparison of AA Batteries and Lithium Batteries

Best Batteries For Trail Cameras - Alkaline Type

1. Amazon Basics AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries

Amazon Basics 20 Pack AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries, 10-Year Shelf Life, Easy to Open Value Pack

These batteries are one of the cheapest you can find on the market, they were only 68 cents per battery. Of course, you will need 8 batteries to run your camera. We have tested these batteries with a multimeter and they tested on 1.60 volts. In our case they gave 47 minutes of runtime, we took 47 minutes worth of video material.

Of course, the performance usually goes with the price so it was no surprise they lasted so short. It is important to note that we have tested in cold weather and that certainly had a big impact on the performance of these batteries.
The shelf life of these batteries is 3 to 10 years which is a standard norm.

One of the biggest advantages these batteries have is that they come sealed together in a small package, making them very easy to store in the drawer.


  1. “You use an AA battery more than you realize. Aside from your remote (and consider how many remotes you have in your home), you will use them in small flashlights, and I have them all over my house. We should all have those in our homes, especially for our younger children, so that if they wake up in the middle of the night and realize there are no lights, they can come and get you. If you’re going camping, they can have that flashlight and not be afraid, which gives parents peace of mind, so you’ll need these batteries!!!!!”
  2. “It seems like there are never enough batteries. We have an entire drawer in our entryway dedicated to batteries. And when I went to replace the batteries in my remote and found an empty box, I knew Amazon would be my best bet for a quick and cost-effective refill. I was not let down. I thought the price for these batteries was reasonable. I can’t speak to the durability yet because I just received them and installed them in my remote.”
  3. “I’ve had them for a while now and never seem to run out; I even gave some to my father because I had so many to spare. I’ve never had a problem with the battery’s life span. I recommend these if you want to buy a large quantity and not worry about batteries for a while. A solid 5 out of 5 stars.”

2. Rayovac AA Batteries

Rayovac AA Batteries, Double A Battery Alkaline, 30 Count

Rayovac AA batteries are significantly more expensive, at least when compared to the Amazon Basics since they cost 1.12$ a piece. They also tested for 1.60 volts when they were new.

After the test, they tested at 1.30 volts and they managed to film for 41 minutes. Of course, the testing conditions were the same as it was with the Amazon Basics. The results of the test were a bit surprising since Rayovac got outperformed Amazon Basics even though Amazon Basics Batteries were the cheaper ones.


1.”In 2019, I purchased 30 AA batteries with a 10-year power guarantee. A leaking battery has damaged the computer trackball mouse. Even though I did not use them for trail cameras they managed to damage my items. The remaining 28 will be discarded. I just don’t believe in Rayovac batteries anymore.

With the holidays approaching and all the things that require batteries, there is never enough. Rayovac offered a really good price but I am not sure they are the right choice if you want to place trail cameras in a cold place. In any case, as the holidays approach, batteries will be in short supply in stores so it’s better to stack them up.”

3. Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries

Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries with Power Boost Ingredients, 24 Count Pack Double A Battery with Long-lasting Power, Alkaline AA Battery for Household and Office Devices

Duracell Batteries are priced at 0.93 cents apiece. This is a well-known brand when it comes to a battery of any kind. They were also tested at 1.60 volts when they were new and after the test, they tested for 1.37 volts.

The results of the test showed that the trail camera recorded for 40 minutes with these batteries. When compared to the first 2 it’s the worst result so far.


  1. “I’ve tried many different brands of dry-cell batteries over the years, but I always return to Duracell. The batteries simply appear to last longer than other brands. As a bonus, the packaging for this specific quantity of batteries was a pleasant surprise. The batteries are packaged in a plastic tray. This allows for easy storage in my desk drawer and keeps the batteries from rolling around at the bottom. Excellent work!”
  2. “I just look for offers because the prices vary, and I’ve heard that some batches are better than others. I could be mistaken, but I believe I read that some are made in different parts of the world or different locations; I’ve even heard of ‘forgeries,’ but I’m not sure how you would know.”

4. Energizer Max Alkaline Batteries

Energizer AA Batteries, Max Double A Battery Alkaline, 4 Count

Energizer Max Batteries will cost you 0.85 cents a piece and they also tested for 1.60 volts when they were new and 1.37 Volts when we ended the test. When it comes to the voltage all of the alkaline batteries behaved relatively similarly in a range from 1.31 to 1.37 Volts.

As for the video recording Energizer Max Alkaline Batteries showed to be the worst of all alkaline batteries with the result of 36 minutes.


  1. “I am gonna be honest, I never use alkaline batteries for my trail cameraS. They are just a waste of money because you have to replace them so often. My experience specifically with the Energizer Max Alkaline batteries is not great. The description mentions a 7-year shelf life for these batteries. However, the package specifies a 5-year term. The ones that I bought recently were manufactured in 2020, we are now at the end of 2022, and the battery has only two years left according to this.”

Best Batteries For Trail Cameras - Lithium

1. Lithium Energizer Batteries

Energizer AA Batteries, Ultimate Lithium Double A Battery, 4 Count

These batteries cost 1.68$ per battery and this doesn’t come as a surprise as lithium batteries are the most expensive ones. When we tested it, the video recording time was 220 minutes which is much longer than any of the Alkaline batteries.

If we take into account that one piece of lithium battery costs around 2.5 times the alkaline one, we can conclude that it’s certainly worth it. It gave 173 minutes more video footage than the best-performing alkaline battery which was the Amazon Basics Battery.

We did our research and found out that there are good offers on Amazon for these batteries. Even though they offer cheap prices we want to give you a heads up, many people have reported that they are getting used batteries in the packaging. This is only the case with larger packs with 128 batteries, so to avoid this buy in small packs of up to 8 batteries.

We dig up a bit more and found that you can buy a pack of 8 batteries for 13.99$ on Bed Bath And Beyond which is far cheaper and safer than Amazon sellers are offering at the moment.


  1. “I began having out-of-body experiences the moment I used these batteries. They were second to none in terms of delivering instant power to my electronics. That energizer bunny has never heard of the word “quit.”
  2. “Lithium batteries are expected to last longer than regular batteries no matter the product you use them in. I purchased these as an anti-bark device so that our dog does not keep us awake all night barking at the cats. The device rapidly drains any battery.”
  3. “These lithium batteries are my favorite because they last much longer than regular alkaline batteries and have a much longer shelf life. The reason I gave them an OK rating rather than an EXCELLENT rating is that the shape of these batteries differs from standard batteries. Because the long edges are squarish (less rounded), they do not fit in several of my devices. Why a company like Energizer would do something so illogical is beyond me.”

2. Panasonic CR123A Lithium Batteries

Panasonic BAT002 x 2 CR123A Lithium 3V Photo Lithium Batteries, 0.67

These batteries will cost you from 6$ to 41$ depending on which package you would prefer. When the tested voltage of a new battery showed to be 3.24 Volts.

Specifications said that it should be around 3 Volts for the new ones. It is recommended to keep them at a temperature from 5°C to 35°C. It is important to note that the batteries are working only in a certain temperature range and that is from -20°C to 60°C. This is a bit surprising since lithium batteries usually can withstand colder temperatures.

The weight of one battery is 16 grams. They should give you a good run when it comes to trail cameras and we consider them to be one of the best batteries for trail cameras.


  1. “When the batteries arrived, I checked their charge levels. When the tester was set to medium drain, it indicated that the batteries were at full capacity. They were purchased as a spare for an alarm system at Amazon, and I have yet to use them, so I cannot comment on their performance at work.”
  2. “I bought these Panasonic batteries about a month ago, in early November 2020, and installed one battery on a Ring alarm magnetic door sensor. It lasted only one month before I had to replace it. I’m hoping the second battery will last longer than the first one.”

Best Rechargeable Batteries For Trail Cameras

1. TENAVOLTS AA Batteries: Best Lithium-Ion Batteries

TENAVOLTS 1.5V AA Lithium Rechargeable Battery, 1.8h Fast Charge, USB Charger, Constant Output at 1.5V, 2775 mWh, 4 Count with Charger

Even though rechargeable batteries have their cons there is one really important factor that keeps them in the game. They are the most eco-friendly batteries out there since they are reusable and don’t go to waste.

TENAVOLTS AA Batteries are batteries that have a constant voltage of 1.5 Volts which means that their voltage doesn’t change with its capacity.
They can usually last 2 days before you have to replace them but then again rechargeable batteries are not the best bet when it comes to trail cameras only because of this reason.

Of course, these batteries are usually more economical than the other two types. The biggest con of the TENAVOLTS in particular is that when these batteries are exhausted, their output suddenly drops. In our test with 4 batteries, they produced a combined voltage of 5.85V continuously to the end which means 1.46 volts per battery, and at that point, the voltage was jumping between 3.78V and 5.85V.

Therefore, devices that report “battery level” based on cell voltage were not accurate, because they showed 100% of capacity until the very end which was not the truth.


  1. “These are costly, but they are the best. I have several other rechargeable lithium batteries, but they only last a day or two. Overall, I would recommend these. Of course, I don’t use these for my trail camera since I would have to change them every time they lose capacity. Instead, I use batteries with lithium, specifically Energizer ones.”
  2. “I installed these batteries in my Blink camera after charging them for the first time, and the camera worked perfectly. A short time later, perhaps three weeks later, during storm Nichole, the electricity in the house began to flash briefly, causing the router to flicker. The camera went dark. On closer inspection, replacing the batteries was the solution. Everything will be fine if you can be present to recharge these batteries. Otherwise, there will be a power outage. More of them are installed in my automatic doorway locks. Maybe they’ll do better there.”

2. Gigastone Rechargeable Lithium AA Batteries

Gigastone Rechargeable Lithium AA Batteries, 1.5V Constant Voltage, 3000mWh High Endurance 1000x Cycles, Built-in Safety Protection, 4-Pack AA Batteries + 8-Bay Fast Charging AA AAA Battery Charger

Gigastone Rechargeable Batteries are certainly one of the best in the rechargeable category because of the number of things. Their voltage is 1.5 and it stays constant all the way no matter the capacity of the battery. The current price on Amazon is 32.99$ for a pack of 4 which means that it costs 8.25 per battery.

This is not high compared to the other rechargeable batteries. This type of battery can be recharged over 1000 times which means that it will last a very long time.

They have protection against battery leaking and also have auto shut off which means that batteries will never overheat. Gigastone Batteries in our opinion has by far the best charger out of all rechargeable batteries. This is because it uses a USB-C port instead of a Micro USB which is usually used by other batteries.

3. Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries

Energizer AA Batteries, Pre-Charged Double A Rechargeable Batteries, 4 Count

It is advertised that Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries have an initial capacity of 2000mA given a charge rate of 400mAH. Capacity slowly diminishes over time. Expect these to last at least 3-5 years of daily use. At that point, you’d still get 1800mAH or better. Make sure you are careful charging lengthens life si e improper charging shortens life.

Energizer is one of the best brands when it comes to rechargeable batteries, they also offer a 15-minute charger. It charges batteries almost immediately which is certainly useful.


  1. “It could have been a bad batch, but after a month, two of the four batteries I purchased will not charge in the energizer charger. The charger displays the trash symbol so I guess I will have to throw them away.”
  2. “Many people will tell you how these are bad because they never charge to 1.5 volts. Rechargeable AA batteries are 1.2 volts, not 1.5. I’m wondering if some of these people should be in charge of a battery charger. The more batteries your device uses, the lower the cumulative voltage of a Rechargeable will be. If your device requires 4 AA batteries and has a Voltage level for your batteries, it will most likely not show fully charged. That should be within most devices’ operating ranges, especially lower-drain devices. The current will compensate for the lower voltage. My Eneloop pros are undoubtedly superior, but they cost nearly three times as much. Energizer batteries are my favorite and I think if anyone wants to use rechargeable batteries for their trail camera, they should be there.”

How To Choose the Best Batteries For Trail Cameras

As we have said at the start of this post, the type of battery you want to use deeply depends on your needs. It is well known that all alkaline batteries will last at least 2 months in the right trail camera depending on the number of pictures you are taking, how many videos you are taking, how much the camera flashes etc.

Alkaline batteries are the cheapest ones because they are disposable which means when you use them and they run out you just throw them away. It is recommended to use them if your camera probably won’t be taking too much footage.

As for the rechargeable batteries, these are the ones you can recharge over and over and they will probably last up to 40 charges. 40 charges are usually the limit when they drop to half of their initial effectiveness.

In our opinion, your best bet is lithium batteries, even though they are the most expensive we have proven with simple math that they will give you the most use for the price. Of course, they can be used in any climate but if you are in a cold area, lithium batteries are the MUST as alkaline ones don’t stand the cold and they discharge quickly.


As we have already said it is most important to get a battery that will be able to perform for a longer period. If you want to know how long the battery will last, you have to look at how many milliamps it has.

Look at the batteries that have at least 2000 milliamps and use them in your trail camera. You are going to pay a bit more for more milliamps but it is worth it. We hope that this post helped you decide which batteries to buy.

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