Best Examples of Infrared Photography on the Internet

Today we will show you the best examples of infrared photography on the Internet, where through these incredible images you will discover all the charms of this type of photography, but we are sure to also get some amazing ideas for your own images.

Best Examples of Infrared Photography on the Internet

In addition to examples of infrared photography, you can certainly educate yourself about the concept of infrared photography through our How Infrared Photography Works in General, learn Best Camera Settings for Infrared Photography, and some other interesting texts on the subject of infrared photography. We have provided these links so you can go back to our posts and create the infrared photos by yourself. 

Without further ado, let’s go through together the 7 Best examples of infrared photography you’ll find on the internet these days.

  1. The image is dominated by large leaves that spread out in the foreground, highlighting their green color that is refracted through the infrared glow. Their texture is pronounced and resembles the colorful mosaics of nature. Behind them, stretches a forest with dense green vegetation and colorful leaves. Small leaf silhouettes create a richness of layers and depth in the landscape. The atmosphere is full of life, with sparkling rays breaking through the branches and creating a play of light and shadow. This infrared contrast gives the photo a mystical note, emphasizing the beauty of nature unusually and magically.
First example of infrared photography

2. In this picture infrared photograph is taken from the air, a spectacular view opens up of two vast fields surrounding a narrow strip of forest. The fields are remarkable in their variety of colors and reveal different aspects of nature. In one field, the color blue dominates, creating a calm, airy scene stretching to the horizon. This field brings a feeling of tranquility and spaciousness.

On the other hand, in another field and the forest, the color red intertwines with touches of blue, creating a vivid color palette that attracts attention. These vibrant hues provide intensity and dynamism to the landscape, enlivening it in enchanting contrast with the surrounding greenery.

This aerial scene conveys a sense of harmony and balance between natural elements. The view from above reveals beautiful patterns and shapes of fields, forests and colors that blend into a unique composition. This infrared photo gives us a unique perspective of nature.


second example

3.  One of the most impressive examples of infrared photography reveals an urban landscape stretching along the sea, with ships gently floating on the surface. The distant view offers a wonderful view of the city that stretches along the coast, while the mountains rise proudly in the distance, providing a spectacular frame for the scene.

Ships sailing on a calm sea create an image of balance between human activity and natural beauty. In the background, the mountains stand proudly, enveloped in the blue of the sky. Their peaks are lost in the clouds, adding a touch of mystery.


This infrared photography brings a unique perspective on the urban environment, combining elements of nature and architecture in one picturesque image. This painting evokes a sense of excitement and wonder while revealing the harmony that exists between human creation and the natural environment.

third example

4. This mesmerizing infrared image shows the Miami skyline from the Rickenbacker Causeway in Florida. With a dazzling infrared glow, the landscape displays a remarkable blend of urban and natural elements.

This infrared image shows Miami as a vibrant and dynamic urban-natural destination, which attracts with its energy, diversity and contrasts. The shot reveals an unusual view of the city and its skyline, creating a unique vision of Miami that reflects the fusion of modernity and natural surroundings.

fourth example

5.  This intriguing infrared image shows a scene of a man and a dog in a kitchen. The dominant orange color that surrounds the dog and the man clearly stands out from the rest of the space, while the shadows are emphasized and make the scene even more interesting. Although only two colors are mainly used in the picture, everything is visible and every element is in its place.

This image radiates harmony and balance. Although the nature of the environment is left in the background, the attention is focused on the man and the dog, emphasizing their presence and importance. Their orange aura creates a special atmosphere.

fifth example

6. This infrared image presents a fantastic scene of a coniferous forest enveloped in stunning colors. The forest stands out for its extraordinary beauty in yellow, magenta and blue, creating a magical atmosphere.

The lower part of the image shows a darker-colored land, while at the top a bit of sky is visible, also in darker tones. This contrast between the dark colors of the sky and the ground adds drama and intensity to the whole scene.

In the full plan, the forest appears as a central element, expressing its beautiful nature. Montenegrin trees create a dense forest, and every detail of them is visible thanks to infrared technology. Yellow, magenta and blue hues envelop the leaves and branches, creating a picturesque representation of nature that surpasses reality.

sixth example of infrared photo
7. This impressive infrared image reveals the distinctive Angel Oak  in Charleston, South Carolina. The tree is in full view and occupies a central place, enchanting us with its grandiosity and elegance. Angel Oak stands out with its presence and strength, creating a visual sensation. Every detail of its huge trunk and spreading branches is clearly visible thanks to infrared technology. These details are completed by the infrared glow, creating a mystical atmosphere around the tree. The shape and structure of Angel Oak are incredibly complex and impressive. The branches gracefully stretch in different directions, creating an impressive canopy that provides shade and shelter. This tree is a witness of time and conveys the power of nature with its presence.


What are the advantages of infrared photography?

Infrared photography offers several advantages. First, it allows photographers to capture a unique and ethereal atmosphere in their images, often with dream-like qualities. Additionally, infrared photography can reveal hidden details, as infrared radiation penetrates certain materials differently than visible light. It also provides a fresh perspective by making foliage appear bright and contrasting against the sky, creating striking black-and-white or false-color images.

What subjects are suitable for infrared photography?

Infrared photography can be applied to a wide range of subjects. It works particularly well for landscapes, as foliage and vegetation reflect infrared light strongly, creating an otherworldly effect. Architectural photography can also benefit from infrared techniques, as buildings often appear dramatically different when captured in infrared. Additionally, infrared portraits can yield unique results, with human skin appearing smooth and luminous. In this post, you will surely find the best examples of infrared photography.

Do I need special equipment for infrared photography?

Yes, infrared photography typically requires specialized equipment. You can use either a dedicated infrared camera that has been specifically designed for this purpose or modify a standard digital camera to capture infrared light. Camera conversion services are available that remove or replace the infrared-blocking filter in the camera, allowing it to capture infrared wavelengths

What is the best time of day for infrared photography?

The best time of day for infrared photography is typically during bright daylight hours. Infrared light is abundant in natural outdoor settings when the sun is high in the sky. Midday sun produces the most intense infrared radiation, resulting in more pronounced infrared effects. However, experimentation with different lighting conditions can lead to creative and varied results.

Are there any limitations or challenges with infrared photography?

Infrared photography has a few limitations and challenges. One major challenge is that infrared light focuses differently from visible light, which can lead to focusing issues. It’s essential to calibrate the camera for infrared photography or use manual focus. Additionally, infrared images may require more post-processing compared to regular photographs to achieve the desired effect. Finally, specialized equipment or modifications are necessary, which can be an investment of time and money.

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