Best Gimbal For Bmpcc 4k In 2023

Selecting the ideal gimbal for your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K) can greatly enhance your filmmaking prowess.

This review provides an in-depth analysis of the top gimbals in the market, taking into account factors like professional filmmaking capabilities, load capacity, battery life, rotation ability, compactness, and adaptability to action sports filming. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or a novice, our comprehensive guide will aid in your pursuit of cinematic excellence.

Best Gimbal For Bmpcc 4k

DJI Ronin-S

DJI Ronin-S - Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld for DSLR Mirrorless Cameras up to 8lbs / 3.6kg Payload for Sony Nikon Canon Panasonic Lumix, Black

Undoubtedly, the DJI Ronin-S has emerged as the premier gimbal for professional filmmaking with the Bmpcc 4k due to its advanced stabilization features and robust construction. Engineered with precision, the Ronin-S offers filmmakers unparalleled stability, reducing shake and delivering smoothly composed shots. The high torque motors actively stabilize your camera, even when using longer focal lengths, enabling crystal-clear footage in any shooting scenario.

The Ronin-S is not just about stabilization. Its construction is a testament to DJI’s commitment to durability. The single-handed design is crafted from magnesium, aluminum, and composite plastic, ensuring it can withstand rigorous shooting conditions while maintaining a lightweight structure. The ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to use for long periods, further enhancing its professional appeal.

At the heart of the Ronin-S’s functionality is DJI’s specialized app. Through this, users can access features like SmoothTrack technology, which allows for seamless transitions between different camera angles, and Auto Tune, which automatically adjusts the gimbal’s settings to optimize performance based on the mounted camera’s weight and balance. This level of customization ensures that filmmakers can adapt the Ronin-S to their unique shooting needs.

Another noteworthy feature is the Ronin-S’s impressive battery life. It boasts up to 12 hours of runtime, ensuring filmmakers have ample power for extended shooting sessions. Additionally, the easy-to-remove battery can be swapped out in minutes, minimizing downtime on set.

Best Gimbal for Heavy Camera Setups With Bmpcc 4k

Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab

Zhiyun (Official) Crane 3 Lab Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Within the realm of heavy camera setups with Bmpcc 4k, the Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab has proven itself as an exceptional gimbal, offering impressive payload capacity and advanced stabilization, yet it retains ease of use and precision control. This gimbal is designed to handle camera rigs weighing up to 4.5 kg, thereby making it suitable for the Bmpcc 4k with a variety of lens and accessory combinations.

The Crane 3 Lab attributes its superior stabilization to an upgraded algorithm system, which ensures smooth footage even under rapid movement or extreme angle changes. The gimbal incorporates a unique, ergonomic handle design aimed at reducing arm fatigue during extended shoots. Furthermore, the handle contains integrated controls for adjusting settings and switching modes with minimal effort, contributing to its user-friendly nature.

Technically, the Crane 3 Lab is equipped with a wireless image transmission technology that supports real-time monitor, framing and parameter control over your camera. The gimbal also boasts a ViaTouch Control System which enables users to take motion and zoom control, as well as multi-channel instant camera parameter settings adjustment right from their smartphone.

In terms of practical use, Crane 3 Lab demonstrates excellent performance in dynamic shooting scenarios, thanks to its ability to seamlessly switch between different gimbal modes. The exceptional battery life of up to 7.5 hours further enhances its utility in prolonged shoots.

Best Gimbal for Long Battery Life With Bmpcc 4k

Moza Air 2

MOZA Air 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimabl Stabilizer OLED Display Smart Time-Lapse Lens Control System for DSLRs Mirrorless and Pocket Cinema Cameras 9lbs Payload (MOZA Air 2)

Remarkably, the Moza Air 2 stands out as the best gimbal for long battery life when paired with the Bmpcc 4k, providing extended shooting times without interruptions. The Moza Air 2 is equipped with four high-rate Li-ion 18650 replaceable batteries, pioneering a maximum runtime of up to 16 hours. This is a significant improvement over its competitors, ensuring fewer interruptions during the filming process and increasing productivity during a shoot.

The Moza Air 2 also incorporates an intelligent battery management system that optimizes power consumption. It effectively extends the battery life by adjusting the power output according to the gimbal’s status, whether it is in use or in standby mode. This, in turn, ensures efficient power management and maximizes the duration of each battery charge.

Moreover, the Moza Air 2 is designed with a highly efficient quick-release system, allowing the user to easily swap out the battery without having to dismantle the whole gimbal setup. This feature significantly reduces downtime and allows the user to continue shooting with minimal interruption.

In terms of practical use and application, the Moza Air 2 is not only known for its long battery life but also for its robust construction and excellent stabilization capability. It supports a maximum payload of 4.2 kg, making it compatible with the relatively heavy Bmpcc 4k camera. Additionally, its precise motor control technology and advanced algorithms provide smooth and stable footage, even during long shooting sessions.

Best Gimbal for 360-Degree Rotation With Bmpcc 4k

FeiyuTech AK4500

FeiyuTech AK4500 Ess. [Official] Gimbal DSLR Camera Stabilizer for Sonya6400/a9/a6300/a6500/a7II/a7SII/a7RII/Canon g7x Mark II/g7x Mark III/80D/6DMark II/r6/NikonZ30/z7II/D7500/D850/ Panso GH4/GH5

The FeiyuTech AK4500, boasting a notable 360-degree rotation capability, is an unrivaled gimbal for the Bmpcc 4k, and it also offers three levels of adjustable motor strength to cater to a range of filming needs. It’s a versatile tool for filmmakers who require a balance of power, flexibility, and precision. With its low-weight carbon fiber body, the AK4500 ensures effortless handling, even during long shooting sessions.

The gimbal’s 360-degree rotation feature brings a unique perspective to filming, allowing for dynamic shots from every angle. This feature is enhanced by its axis locking mechanism, which ensures steady, smooth footage, regardless of movement. The three-level motor strength adjustment is another standout feature, accommodating a maximum payload of 4.6kg. This allows users to mount various types of camera lenses and accessories without compromising on stability.

Its intuitive touch panel is a significant addition, enabling quick settings adjustments and mode switching. The gimbal’s advanced algorithm ensures seamless transitions between shooting modes, thereby reducing post-production work. The FeiyuTech AK4500 also comes with a versatile handle that can function as a remote control, offering wireless control up to 50 meters.

In terms of battery performance, the AK4500 is equipped with a 2200mAh battery, offering up to 12 hours of runtime. This is crucial for prolonged shoots. The gimbal also features quick charging, further enhancing its usability in the field.

Best Gimbal for Compact Travel With Bmpcc 4k

iFootage Mini Crane M1-III

IFOOTAGE 85 inches Carbon Fiber Camera Mini Jib Crane M1 III (Hold up to 33lbs) Foldable and Extendable Jib Arm with 1/4 & 3/8 inch Quick Release Plate

Despite its compact size, the iFootage Mini Crane M1-III is a superior gimbal for the Bmpcc 4k, particularly for filmmakers who require a lightweight and travel-friendly setup. This mini-crane offers an impressive combination of portability and functionality. Weighing only 1.6kg, it can easily be packed in a backpack or hand luggage, making it an ideal companion for on-location shoots and outdoor filmmaking.

The iFootage Mini Crane M1-III boasts of a high-strength aluminum alloy construction, making it durable and resistant to wear and tear. It can support cameras weighing up to 15kg, which is remarkable for its size. This makes it compatible not only with the Bmpcc 4k, but also with heavier DSLR and mirrorless camera setups.

A notable feature of the Mini Crane M1-III is its adjustable arm length, ranging from 70cm to 210cm. This provides filmmakers with a variety of shooting angles and perspectives, from ground level to overhead shots. Its 360-degree pan and tilt functionality facilitate smooth and stable shots, even in challenging shooting conditions.

The gimbal’s quick-release plate allows for fast and easy mounting of the camera, reducing setup time. Despite its lightweight design, it exhibits exceptional stability, thanks to its low center of gravity and wide base. The M1-III also comes with an adjustable counterweight system for perfect balance.

Best Gimbal for Cinematic Movements With Bmpcc 4k

Freefly Movi Pro

Freefly MoVI Pro Handheld Bundle, MoVI Pro Camera Stabilizer, MoVI Ring Pro, Mimic Controller and Travel Case

In our ongoing quest for the ideal gimbal, we have now turned our attention to the Freefly Movi Pro, renowned for its ability to create cinematic movements with the Bmpcc 4k. The Movi Pro is a professional-grade gimbal that stands out in terms of versatility and precision, enabling filmmakers to capture truly immersive footage.


The Movi Procarries a unique design. Unlike many gimbals, it features a ring-shaped structure, providing multiple grip points. This design offers both stability and flexibility, enabling users to execute complex movements with ease. The gimbal is built with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

The Movi Pro’s high-end motors provide immediate response to the operator’s controls. This, coupled with the advanced stabilization technology, ensures smooth, jitter-free footage, even when making rapid movements or on uneven terrain. The gimbal supports a payload of up to 15 lbs, making it suitable for use with the Bmpcc 4k and a range of accessories.

In terms of practical usage, the Movi Pro offers a user-friendly interface with an intuitive OLED screen for quick adjustments. The gimbal also features a quick-release system and tool-free balancing, significantly reducing setup time.

One potential downside to the Movi Pro comes from its relatively high price point. However, considering the gimbal’s premium build quality, superior stabilization, and user-friendly design, it represents a worthwhile investment for serious filmmakers. In conclusion, the Freefly Movi Pro stands as a worthy contender in our search for the ideal gimbal for the Bmpcc 4k.

Best Gimbal for Lightweight Portability With Bmpcc 4k

Zhiyun Weebill-S -

Zhiyun Weebill S [Official] 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR Cameras

Shifting our focus to the Zhiyun Weebill-S, both its lightweight portability and compatibility with Bmpcc 4k make it a compelling choice for filmmakers on the move. This gimbal, weighing only 895g, offers an impressive payload capacity of 3kg, making it capable of supporting the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K) along with a variety of lenses.

The Zhiyun Weebill-S is equipped with an upgraded algorithm system and stronger motors, ensuring high responsiveness and smooth transitions. It supports an array of advanced features, including ViaTouch 2.0, SmartFollow 2.0, and Sync Motion, which facilitate intuitive operations and precise control via a smartphone or a motion sensor remote control.

One of its standout features is its two-in-one quick-release system, allowing you to swiftly switch between different shooting scenarios. The gimbal’s unique structure also enables two convenient holding modes: upright and underslung, which provide versatility in capturing different shooting angles.

Its battery life is another notable aspect. The Zhiyun Weebill-S boasts a run time of up to 14 hours, which is a significant advantage for filmmakers who are constantly on the go. Additionally, the gimbal’s OLED display provides a clear view of the device’s status and settings.

Best Gimbal for Budget-Friendly Filmmaking With Bmpcc 4k

Hohem iSteady Pro 3

3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Gopro Hero 12/11/10/9/8, Handheld Stabilizer for Gopro for Video Recording, IPX4 Waterproof, Bluetooth Control, Compatible with Osmo Camera, Insta360, hohem iSteady Pro4

While offering stability and smooth motion for the BMPCC 4K, the Hohem iSteady Pro 3 also stands out as a budget-friendly gimbal option for filmmakers, making it an attractive alternative to more expensive models on the market. This gimbal has been designed with a three-axis system that ensures a steady shot, regardless of the user’s movement or the shooting conditions.

The iSteady Pro 3 is equipped with a 600° roll range, which provides the filmmaker with more creative freedom for dynamic shots. The Inception Mode enables the camera to rotate continuously in a roll axis, adding an edge to your videos with professional-level visual effects.

One notable feature is the Hohem Gimbal App, which allows you to customize various settings directly from your smartphone. This user-friendly interface makes it simple to adjust parameters such as speed, deadband, and motor dynamism.

Despite its budget-friendly price tag, the iSteady Pro 3 doesn’t compromise on battery life. With a 12-hour runtime, it outperforms many higher-priced competitors. The gimbal also supports pass-through charging, allowing you to charge your camera while shooting, a practical feature for long filming days.

In terms of practicality, the gimbal’s compact design and lightweight build ensure easy transportation and use, even in more challenging environments. The rubberized handle ensures a secure grip, while the quick-release system provides an efficient setup.

Best Gimbal for Mirrorless BMPCC 4K Setups

DJI Ronin-SC

DJI Ronin-SC - Camera Stabilizer, 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, Up to 4.4lbs Payload, Sony, Panasonic Lumix, Nikon, Canon, Lightweight Design, Cinematic Filming, Black

Often considered as a top-tier choice, the DJI Ronin-SC provides consistently smooth operation that is ideal for mirrorless BMPCC 4K setups. With its high weight capacity and advanced stabilization algorithms, it effectively handles the weight and movement of such camera systems.

Constructed with magnesium and aluminum, it ensures a lightweight yet robust framework. The Ronin-SC weighs only 1.1kg, a feature that enhances its portability and lessens operator fatigue during prolonged use. Despite its lightweight structure, it can efficiently handle a payload of up to 2kg, making it capable of supporting BMPCC 4K setups.

The Ronin-SC is equipped with a superior 3-axis stabilization system that offers precise control and smoothness, reducing the chances of shaky footage. It provides users with an array of shooting modes, including Panorama, Time-lapse, and Motionlapse, extending its versatility in different shooting scenarios.

Its advanced ActiveTrack 3.0 technology enables the gimbal to track subjects with high accuracy, ensuring sharp and focused shots. The gimbal is also compatible with the Ronin app, which allows users to adjust settings, monitor battery status, and fine-tune balance for optimal performance.

The DJI Ronin-SC also boasts an impressive battery life of up to 11 hours, providing ample time for extended shooting sessions. With its USB-C port, the gimbal can be rapidly charged, ensuring minimal downtime.

Best Gimbal for Run-and-Gun Shooting With Bmpcc 4k

Gudsen Moza AirCross 2

MOZA AirCross 2 Gimbal,3-Axis Professional Stabilizer for DSLR Camera Mirrorless Camera with Larger Lens,Easy Setup Intelligent Mimic Motion-Control,Max Payload 7.05Lb 12H Running Time

The Gudsen Moza AirCross 2 is a remarkable gimbal for run-and-gun shooting with BMPCC 4K, offering superior balance and stability, and it stands out due to its lightweight design and intuitive controls. Weighing just 950 grams, it’s a comfortable companion for long shooting sessions, while its payload capacity of up to 3.2 kg makes it compatible with BMPCC 4K and a range of lenses.

The AirCross 2 teems with advanced features and impressive tech specs. Its three-axis motor-lock design ensures a stable shooting environment, while the inception mode enables 360-degree rotation for creative shooting. The gimbal’s 12-hour battery life is commendable, with the added benefit of a quick 1.5-hour fast charge.

The gimbal’s intelligent OLED screen simplifies the operation, offering easy access to various modes and settings. The Moza Master App provides further control, allowing for parameter tweaking and firmware updates.

In practical use, the performance of the AirCross 2 is highly satisfying. It ensures smooth footage even in fast-paced, action-packed scenarios, making it ideal for sports and wildlife videography. The gimbal’s auto-tuning function adapts to different weight setups, ensuring optimal performance across a range of gear configurations.

The Gudsen Moza AirCross 2, with its intelligent features, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance, has set new standards for run-and-gun shooting with the BMPCC 4K. It is an excellent choice for filmmakers seeking a versatile, reliable, and high-performing gimbal.

Best Gimbal for Vloggers With Bmpcc 4k

Pilotfly H2

Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Sony A7 Cameras with 32Bit Alexmos with Triple-MCU Technology (Black)

Undeniably, one can argue that the Pilotfly H2 presents itself as the top choice for vloggers using BMPCC 4K due to its exceptional performance and user-friendly features. With its 32-bit technology, triple-MCU design, and 2 IMU sensors, the H2 provides a high level of stability and precision, ensuring that vloggers capture smooth, high-quality footage.

The Pilotfly H2 stands out for its remarkable payload capacity of 2.2kg, which is exceptional for a handheld gimbal. This makes it compatible with the BMPCC 4K and a range of lenses, providing flexibility for vloggers. Furthermore, its Tool-less design enables quick and easy setup, a critical factor for vloggers who often work on-the-go.

The H2’s ergonomic handle design, equipped with a 4-way joystick, provides intuitive control over the gimbal’s movements. The built-in Bluetooth module allows users to remotely control the gimbal via the Pilotfly smartphone app, offering even more convenience.

The H2 also boasts a 26-hour battery life, surpassing many rivals in the market. This longevity ensures consistent performance during lengthy shoots, a common scenario in vlogging.

In terms of practical use, the H2 has proven to be reliable and efficient, with users praising its smooth operation and durable build. Its versatility, as evidenced by its 5 different operation modes, including follow mode, pitch lock, and 3D mode, makes it adaptable to various shooting environments and styles.

Best Gimbal for Action Sports Filming With Bmpcc 4k

FeiyuTech G6 Plus

FeiyuTech Scorp Mini 3-Axis All in One Gimbal Stabilizer for Mirrorless Camera with Short Lens, Compact Cameras, Action Camera Gopro, 54-88mm Width iPhone 14 Pro, 1.3

In comparison to previous models, the FeiyuTech G6 Plus emerges as an impressive tool for action sports filming with the BMPCC 4K, due to its robust build and high degree of stabilization, even in the midst of rapid motion. Its 3-axis gimbal system, built with precision brushless motors, ensures smooth video capture that mitigates the effects of shaky hand movements or unstable shooting conditions.

The G6 Plus incorporates a versatile and easy-to-use multifunctional knob. This knob allows users to control the camera’s focus, zoom, and sensitivity, directly from the gimbal handle, thus providing the operator with an efficient and effective filming experience. The FeiyuTech G6 Plus also boasts an impressive load capacity of up to 800g, making it suitable for the BMPCC 4K, and it has a 12-hour battery life, thus ensuring ample shooting time.

Furthermore, FeiyuTech’s G6 Plus employs an advanced algorithm system that significantly improves its responsiveness, allowing for action shots with fast-moving subjects to be captured with minimal blurring or distortion. The device is also equipped with a low-noise fan technology, ensuring that the gimbal operates quietly, a crucial aspect for capturing natural sound during action sports filming.

In terms of practical applications, the G6 Plus excels in various dynamic scenarios, from mountain biking and skateboarding to water sports and aerial shots, thanks to its splash-proof design and robust construction. In sum, the FeiyuTech G6 Plus stands as an excellent choice for BMPCC 4K users seeking a reliable, versatile, and efficient gimbal for action sports filming.

Best Gimbal for Low-Angle Shots With Bmpcc 4k

Gimbal Guru L1 Pro

Zhiyun Weebill 3S Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Camera, Professional Video Stabilizer for Sony Canon Nikon Panasonic Fujifilm Built-in LED Fill Light Support PD Fast Charge

Gimbal Guru’s L1 Pro, distinguished by its exceptional low-angle shot capability, redefines the gimbal landscape for BMPCC 4K users, offering unparalleled cinematic quality and stability. The L1 Pro achieves this through its innovative design, featuring an inverted mode that allows for impressive low-angle capture. This, coupled with a high-torque motor and precision control, allows users to capture dynamic and dramatic shots with ease.

The L1 Pro’s advanced three-axis stabilization system ensures smooth, seamless footage, even when the user is in motion. Its robust construction and high payload capacity make it a robust choice for BMPCC 4K cameras, capable of supporting additional accessories such as monitors and microphones.

Critically, the L1 Pro is marked by its user-friendly operations. It boasts a quick setup time, intuitive control panel, and an efficient battery system that provides up to 12 hours of operation. Moreover, the gimbal is compatible with the Guru app, providing users with a range of customizable settings and advanced control options.

Additionally, the L1 Pro includes multiple shooting modes, such as pan-follow, lock, and all-follow mode. These modes offer users the flexibility to achieve a variety of shot types, enhancing their creative potential. The device’s superior responsiveness and speed, driven by its high-precision magnetic induction knob, allow for swift and seamless transitions between modes.

Best Gimbal for Travel Documentaries With Bmpcc 4k

Manfrotto MVG220

Manfrotto MVG220, Portable 3-Axis Professional Gimbal Stabiliser for Mirrorless and Reflex Cameras, Flexible, Holds up to 4.85 lbs, Perfect for Photographers, Vloggers and Bloggers

The Manfrotto MVG220 emerges as a premier choice for travel documentaries, given its compact design and superior stability with BMPCC 4K cameras. This gimbal’s design is a masterstroke in portability, making it ideal for on-the-move documentary filmmakers who require a stable platform for their shoots. Housing a payload capacity of 4.85 lbs. (2.2 kg), it effortlessly supports the weight of BMPCC 4K cameras, even with additional accessories.

The MVG220 leverages Manfrotto’s expertise with precision engineering, boasting of high-precision motors and a cutting-edge stabilization system. This, coupled with its impeccable responsiveness, allows for smooth cinematic movements, ensuring that every shot is flawlessly executed. The gimbal’s response speed can be adjusted to suit various filming requirements, offering an extended degree of control and creative freedom.

One of the standout features of the MVG220 is its intuitive touchscreen interface. This user-friendly feature simplifies the process of adjusting settings, navigating through modes, and monitoring battery status, among other things. The gimbal also supports Manfrotto’s app, allowing users to fine-tune parameters remotely.

In terms of battery life, the MVG220 impresses with up to 7 hours of runtime on a single charge. This is a critical feature for travel documentaries, where access to power outlets might be limited. Moreover, the gimbal offers a quick-charge functionality, reducing downtime significantly.

Best Gimbal for Independent Filmmakers With Bmpcc 4k

Came-TV Optimus 3-Axis Gimbal

CAME-TV Optimus 3-Axis Camera Gimbal with External Remote, Dual Handle,Mini Tripod, Magic Arm,Hard Case

Often utilized by independent filmmakers, the Came-TV Optimus 3-Axis Gimbal smoothly handles the BMPCC 4K, and its robust design ensures reliable performance under numerous shooting conditions. This gimbal’s three-axis system provides unparalleled stabilization, reducing shake and providing crisp, clear footage even in challenging environments.

The Optimus features a unique 360-degree rotation on all three axes, providing filmmakers with the freedom to capture complex shots without the limitations often associated with traditional gimbals. This versatility is further enhanced by the gimbal’s detachable handle design, allowing for both single and dual-handed operation.

The Optimus 3-Axis Gimbal stands out for its payload capacity of 2.6 pounds, comfortably accommodating the BMPCC 4K even with heavy lenses. Its built-in encoders ensure accurate, responsive movements, and the brushless motors guarantee smooth operation.

The Optimus also offers a long-lasting battery life of up to 10 hours, supporting extended shooting sessions. This longevity is supplemented by the unit’s fast USB charging capability, enabling on-the-go power replenishment

Overall, the Came-TV Optimus 3-Axis Gimbal represents an excellent choice for BMPCC 4K users, particularly those in independent filmmaking. Its robust construction, superior stabilization, and flexibility in operation make it a practical and efficient tool for capturing high-quality video content. However, as with any equipment, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with the gimbal’s features and operation to maximize its potential fully.

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