Yi 4k Action Camera Review

I’ve got my hands on the Yi 4k Action Camera and I’m excited to share my insights with you. From unboxing to testing its features and performance, I’ve delved deep into what this little device has to offer. I’ll be discussing design, video quality, battery life, and value for money. Stick around if you’re curious about this camera’s pros and cons. Let’s explore whether the Yi 4k Action Camera lives up to the hype.

Yi 4k Action Camera Review

I’m about to open the box of the Yi 4k Action Camera for the first time. My initial impression is positive, as the packaging is sleek and modern, clearly designed with the consumer in mind. As I lift the lid, I’m met with a compact camera, nestled securely in a foam padding. Right off the bat, I notice the camera’s durable build and its lightweight design, a balance that’s not easy to achieve.

Beneath the camera, there’s a box that contains the accessories: a Micro-USB cable for charging and data transfer, a battery, and a user manual. I’m impressed by the inclusion of an extra battery – a thoughtful addition that’s not always standard with action cameras. The manual, while brief, is comprehensive and easy to understand.

The camera itself is aesthetically pleasing, with a minimalist design and a matte black finish. It’s compact, fitting comfortably in the palm of my hand, and lightweight, which I appreciate as it will not weigh me down during action-packed adventures.

The 2.19-inch touchscreen on the back catches my eye next. It’s large, clear and responsive. I’m particularly pleased to see that it’s made of Gorilla Glass, indicating it’s designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Overall, my initial unboxing experience of the Yi 4k Action Camera is positive. The packaging is thoughtful and consumer-friendly, and the camera and its components appear well-made and durable. I’m eager to charge the battery and start testing the camera’s performance.

Design and Build Quality of the Yi 4k

Why’s the design of the Yi 4k so sleek yet sturdy, making it stand out from other action cameras in the market? I believe it’s because of the unique combination of materials and smart design choices. Let’s analyze this further.

The Yi 4k camera has an attractive minimalist design. It’s compact, lightweight, and fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. The body is made of high-quality plastic, which contributes to its lightweight nature yet doesn’t compromise on durability. It’s tough and can withstand harsh conditions.

The lens is encased in a protective glass layer that’s scratch-resistant, so it’s not prone to damage during rough use. There’s a single button on the front, and the rest of the controls are integrated into the intuitive touchscreen interface on the back. This makes it easy to use, even for beginners.

The solid build quality is impressive. There’s no creaking or flexing when I apply pressure to it. The battery and SD card compartments have a secure, firm latch, ensuring they won’t accidentally open during use.

The 2.19-inch retina touch screen is another stand-out feature. It’s bright and clear, even in sunlight, and offers a responsive, user-friendly interface. The layout and typography are well thought out, making it easy to navigate through the menus.

The overall design is sleek, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. The company clearly put a lot of thought into making it not just functional, but also attractive. It’s a camera that’s as much about style as performance, setting it apart from its competitors.

Exploring the Features of the Yi 4k Action Camera

Let’s dive into the seven key features of the Yi 4k Action Camera that truly set it apart from its competitors. First off, the camera boasts a 12MP Sony IMX377 sensor, allowing for crisp, high-quality images. This is significantly better than what you’d find in other cameras within the same price range.

Secondly, it’s the incredible 4k video resolution. With the ability to shoot 4k at 30fps, it’s no wonder this camera stands out. It also supports 1080p at 120fps and 720p at 240fps, providing flexibility for different shooting scenarios.

The third feature is the 2.19-inch touchscreen display. It isn’t just sizeable; it’s also incredibly clear, thanks to its 640 x 360 resolution. It’s easy to navigate, responsive, and makes framing shots a lot easier.

Next up is the battery life. The Yi 4k offers 2 hours of 4k recording. I’m impressed with this, as many competitors struggle to provide over an hour.

The fifth feature that stands out is the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This offers seamless connection to your smartphone for easy sharing and editing of your footage.

The sixth key feature is the range of shooting modes it offers: Time Lapse, Slow Motion, Timer, and Burst mode. It’s quite versatile and caters to different types of shooting needs.

Lastly, the camera’s rugged design and waterproof capabilities, able to withstand extreme conditions, truly adds to its appeal.

Performance and Video Quality of the Yi 4k

Performance and Video Quality of the Yi 4k

In my experience, the Yi 4k’s performance and video quality are simply second to none, delivering a solid 2 hours of stunning 4k footage. When analyzing its performance, I’ve found it to be consistently smooth, with the camera recording videos without any noticeable lag or stuttering. Even in challenging light conditions, it performs admirably, capturing crisp and clear videos.

The camera’s electronic image stabilization is another feature that I’m particularly impressed with. It effectively reduces shaky footage, making it an ideal choice for action sports or bumpy rides. I’ve also noticed that the camera barely heats up, even when recording at 4k resolution for extended periods. This is a testament to the Yi 4k’s efficient heat management system.

When it comes to video quality, the Yi 4k outshines many of its competitors. The colors are vibrant, and the level of detail is impressive. It’s able to capture subtle nuances of light and shadow, giving the footage a very realistic and immersive feel. The camera’s wide-angle lens also adds to the overall visual experience, providing a broad field of view without any significant distortion.

The audio recording quality is another area where the Yi 4k excels. It’s able to capture clear and distinct sound, which greatly enhances the overall video quality. I’ve found the built-in microphone to be quite effective, even in windy conditions.

Battery Life and Charging of the Yi 4k Action Camera

I’m pretty impressed with the Yi 4k’s battery life, offering up to 2 hours of continuous shooting, but it’s the rapid charging feature that really stands out for me. This action camera comes with a 1400mAh high capacity battery, which is a significant improvement over its predecessors. The increased battery capacity allows me to capture more footage without the constant worry of recharging.

However, even with its impressive battery life, there will be times when I’ll need to recharge. That’s where the rapid charging feature comes into play. It’s a convenience that I haven’t experienced with many other action cameras. With the Yi 4k, I can get a full charge in just over an hour. This means less downtime, and more time capturing those memorable moments.

In terms of charging options, I appreciate the flexibility that the Yi 4k offers. It supports both AC charging and USB charging, making it a versatile choice for those on the go. Whether I’m at home or traveling, I can easily find a way to keep my camera powered up.

Moreover, the battery indicator on the Yi 4k’s touchscreen display is quite user-friendly. It’s clear and precise, allowing me to monitor the battery status easily and plan my shoots accordingly.

Comparing the Yi 4k to Other Action Cameras

When comparing the Yi 4k to other action cameras, it’s the image quality that really sets it apart. While other cameras may boast about their high definition capabilities, the Yi 4k takes it a step further with its 4k resolution and 30 frames per second recording speed. It’s this combination that gives the Yi 4k the ability to capture crisp, clear images, even in high-action situations.

But it’s not just the resolution that impresses me. The Yi 4k also has a wide dynamic range, which allows it to handle a variety of lighting conditions with ease. Whether I’m filming in bright sunlight or in low light, the Yi 4k always seems to deliver high-quality images with good contrast and detail.

Another feature that I’ve come to appreciate is the camera’s lens distortion correction. This helps to minimize the ‘fish-eye’ effect that is common with action cameras, making the images look more natural and realistic.

But no camera is perfect, and the Yi 4k is no exception. While its image quality is impressive, it does fall short in some areas. For example, the camera’s stabilization could use some improvement. Also, while the camera’s user interface is generally user-friendly, it can be a bit confusing at times.

Despite these minor shortcomings, I believe the Yi 4k is a solid choice for anyone looking for an action camera. Its superior image quality combined with its reasonable price point makes it a strong contender in the action camera market.

How to Use the Yi 4k Action Camera

Surprisingly, it’s quite simple to use the Yi 4k Action Camera once you get the hang of its features and settings. This camera is equipped with a 2.19-inch retina touchscreen that makes navigating through the settings straightforward. With a few swipes and taps, I’m able to adjust the resolution, frame rate, and field of view to suit my needs.

One feature I particularly enjoy is the ability to switch between different shooting modes. With a simple touch, I can move from photo to time-lapse, to slow-motion, and back again. The user interface is intuitive and I’ve found that it doesn’t take long to become familiar with the various options available.

Another aspect I appreciate is the high-quality built-in image stabilization. It’s a breeze to activate and significantly improves the smoothness of my footage, particularly when I’m on the go. The camera also supports voice control, which I’ve found to be surprisingly accurate and useful, especially when my hands are occupied.

To maximize the camera’s potential, I’d recommend downloading the Yi Action app. It provides remote control functionality and allows for easy content sharing. The app also offers live previewing, which I’ve found to be quite useful when setting up shots.

In terms of battery life, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The Yi 4k can record up to 120 minutes of 4K/30fps video on a single charge. It’s reassuring to know I can get a solid two hours of high-quality footage before I need to recharge.

Pricing and Value for Money

Considering its high-quality features, I’d say the Yi 4k Action Camera’s price offers excellent value for money. When you factor in the camera’s ability to record 4k video at 30fps, its sturdy build, and its user-friendly interface, it’s clear that the price is more than justified.

I’ve studied the market and compared the Yi 4k to its competitors. It’s undeniable that some cameras offer similar video quality but at a steeper price. This is where the Yi 4k stands out; it delivers high performance without being overly expensive. It’s a fine balance between price and quality, which is a rare find in today’s market.

In terms of battery life, the Yi 4k outpaces many of its rivals. It boasts 2 hours of recording time at 4k resolution, a feature that’s often overlooked but crucial for action enthusiasts who need extended recording time. Again, considering the price, I’d say it’s a steal.

The additional features like the 2.19-inch touchscreen, built-in gyroscope, and image stabilization further demonstrate the camera’s value. These might seem like minor details, but they significantly enhance the user experience and add to the overall worth of the camera.

Pros and Cons of the Yi 4k Action Camera

Pros and Cons of the Yi 4k Action Camera

I’m eager to delve into the pros and cons of the Yi 4k Action Camera, because it’s essential to weigh the camera’s impressive features against any possible drawbacks before making a purchase decision. Let’s start with the pros, as there are many that can’t be overlooked. The Yi 4k is known for its excellent video quality, offering 4k resolution at 30 frames per second. It’s got a sharp lens and a broad field of view, capturing every detail in crisp, clear imagery. The camera’s battery life is another huge plus, with up to 2 hours of recording time.

However, it’s not all roses. One of the cons that I’ve noted is the lack of waterproofing. While there’s an optional waterproof case available, it’s an extra purchase and doesn’t come included with the camera. This might be a deal-breaker for those planning to use the camera for underwater or extreme weather activities.

Additionally, the Yi 4k’s user interface, while intuitive, is not as refined as some of its competitors. It’s also worth mentioning that the camera doesn’t support external microphones, which could be a downside for those needing high-quality audio capture.

Final Thoughts on the Yi 4k Action Camera

In wrapping up my review on the Yi 4k Action Camera, it’s clear to me that despite its few flaws, it’s indeed a bang for your buck, especially for users prioritizing video quality and battery life over waterproofing and audio capture. The video quality is impressive, with 4K/30fps delivering stunning, crisp footage. It’s perfect for those who want to create professional-looking videos without breaking the bank. The battery life is also a standout feature, outlasting many of its competitors at a similar price point.

However, it’s not without its limitations. The lack of waterproofing is a major drawback for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. You’d need to purchase an additional casing for underwater shots, which is an inconvenience and an extra cost. The audio capture is also subpar, with the built-in microphone picking up a lot of ambient noise and wind.

The user interface is another area where the Yi 4k shines. It’s intuitive, easy to navigate, and responsive, making it a breeze to adjust settings on the fly. The touchscreen is bright and clear, even in direct sunlight.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are reliable and quick, allowing for easy sharing and editing of footage on your smartphone. I’ve experienced a few hiccups when connecting to the app, but they were few and far between.


In conclusion, the Yi 4k Action Camera delivers high-quality footage with a robust set of features. Its design is sturdy and user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for capturing action-packed moments. The battery life is impressive and it offers good value for money. However, it does have its downsides like lack of accessories. Overall, it’s a solid choice for an action camera and I’d recommend it for those looking for a reliable, budget-friendly option.

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