When Does The New GoPro Come Out

The new GoPro 11 camera was released this year on September 14, and you could immediately see that it brought many new things.

Just some of the new features are an improved camera, longer battery life, and a lot of great modes and accessories that come with the new GoPro camera. 2 months after the release of the camera, the company released the new GoPro Hero 11 Mini camera, about which we will also say a little more.

When does the new GoPro come out
This year, the camera can be purchased in 3 packages: Creator Edition, Bundle and Basic package. Without further ado, let’s go through each of the packages, specs, and more right away.

Creator Edition

This is the richest package with the most equipment, but also the most expensive and costs 660€, and the camera also contains the Volta hand grip, a grip that has an additional battery in it and extends the life of the camera, with which you could shoot for 4-5 hours. In addition to the Volta hand grip, this package also comes with Light mood, which allows you to get additional lighting on the camera, as well as

Media mood. In the most expensive package, you will also get an additional Enduro battery that is white around the edges, which was released this year and its basic function is to make the camera serve you better at lower temperatures and on cold days.

We know that if the temperature drops below 20 °C, the Go Pro camera did not want to turn on with batteries that have blue edges, and the new battery brings us an improvement where the camera works better at low temperatures as well as extra minutes in the recording.


As with previous generations, this year Go Pro released its famous Bundle package, and this year in the Bundle you will get an additional Enduro battery  (which charges much faster than standard blue batteries), a Go Pro floating handle that can be used for underwater shooting so that the camera does not sink.

This year, the Bundle package also comes with a headband so that you can shoot from your head, as well as a clip that you can put on your cap to get additional support. The Bundle comes for 500€ this year.

Basic Package

The Go Pro comes in a Basic package this time in a similar package as last year, and the novelty is that in this generation it also comes with an Enduro battery, which is included this year.

The package naturally comes with a charging cable (USB-C), one curved mode for mounting on a helmet, a screw, a standard short clip, and the Enduro battery as we mentioned before. Upon release, the Basic package is available for 450€.

The appearance of the camera remains the same as the previous year, and the only difference is the inscription that distinguishes it from the camera of the previous generation. Before using the camera itself, it is necessary to update the software, so that you will be able to see the warning yourself, as soon as you unpack the camera.

The new generation Go Pro camera brings us an improved camera compared to the previous two editions to which it is most similar. The Go Pro 9 had a 20MP camera, the Go Pro 10 came with a 23MP camera, and the new Go Pro 11 comes with a 27MP camera. In addition to those 27MP, we have some additional news.

If you don’t catch a great discount on the official GoPro website, you can also order the camera through Amazon at a slightly more affordable price.


New GoPro Options That Were Not Available Before

New GoPro Options

In the previous models, we could tilt the camera up to 45° and it had a leveling of the horizon, that is cropped the image itself to make it look straight, while now we have this very important function called Linear horizon. In that lock, we can turn the camera 360°, but thanks to the advanced feature, the image will not rotate.

A new feature is also a Hyperview, i.e. a digital lens enabled by the HERO 11 Black sensor. Hyperview captures video using a full 8:7 sensor to produce a super tall image, while the resulting footage is in 16:9.

HyperView is best used when the camera is held level and the subject remains in the center of the shot. If any of that changes, you’ll notice distortions on the sides of the footage, which can be really huge.

Certainly one of the more interesting options of the new Go Pro Hero 11 is AutoBoost, where the camera itself decides how much the image should be cropped depending on how much the camera shakes during recording, which is a great innovation because with previous cameras we had to decide how much we wanted to crop.

The camera also comes with a new, improved Cube menu that looks nice and is easy to navigate. New GoPro Hero 11 Black now offers the cameraman to choose all possible controls himself, and these options are located in the Controls Pro section.

We also have new Video modes, the Highest quality mode and an Extended battery. If we choose Extended battery mode, the camera will not allow us to choose the highest possible recording resolutions, and we remain locked at most to 4K Video. If we choose the Highest quality mode, then we can use all modes, from 5.3K down to the lowest modes, with the fact that the camera then heats up more and drains the battery faster.

The camera also comes with the latest HyperSmooth 5.0. New GoPro Hero 11 is compatible with all accessories that came with Go Pro Hero 9 and 10, such as media mode, underwater housing and Max Lens.

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini

The GoPro 11 Mini camera has the same characteristics as the standard Hero 11 camera, the difference can be seen in the more compact dimensions, that is smaller. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a touch screen, but that’s why it can be used in smaller and narrower spaces. It is specially optimized for mounting on helmets of various types so that it looks even more “sporty”.

Let’s mention that the camera can take 24.7MP photos, and 5.3K video at 60fps, and is supposedly one of the most durable GoPro cameras ever made.
We can recommend the GoPro Hero 11 Mini to all those who use their action camera mainly for action shots on a chest mount or helmet, for example when mountain biking, skiing, or possibly also for moto vlogging.

Like the GoPro 11 black camera, you can also find the MINI camera on Amazon and thus save yourself some money with which you can perhaps buy some additional equipment. 

Differences between Hero 11 MINI and Hero 11 Black

Differences between Hero 11 MINI and Hero 11 Black

The first and most obvious difference between these two models is certainly the size and weight of the cameras. GoPro Hero 11 Mini has dimensions 52.4 W x 51.2 H x 38 D (mm) – (W x H x D), while Hero 11 Black is 71.8 W x 50.8 H x 33.6 D (mm) – (W x H x D).

However, when you first pick up the MINI camera, it may not seem so small. Under the label mini, it is natural to expect a very small camera, but compared to the Hero 11 Black model, it is simply not. The mini is about the same height as the eleven black, of course, it’s not as wide, but it’s a bit thicker.

We would now estimate that it has about two-thirds of the volume of the eleven black. It is also only slightly lighter than the GoPro 11 Black. The Mini weighs 133 g and the 11 Black 153 g. That’s a difference of actually only 20 g.

Again, with the designation Mini, you would expect a somewhat larger difference, but in use, the difference is still clearly noticeable.

The second major difference compared to the eleven black is of course that the Mini doesn’t have a proper display. The GoPro Hero 11 Black not only has a relatively large display on the back, but it also has a front display like the Hero 10.

The Mini, on the other hand, only has a kind of status screen on the top. Of course, this completely changes the way you operate this camera. Just like the GoPro 11 black, the Mini has two buttons: the same shutter button and a small status button on the front. With the help of the screen and the two buttons, you can change certain settings on the camera. So you don’t necessarily need a smartphone.

But of course, the camera is meant to be operated primarily together with a smartphone. For example, you can only change a fraction of the settings on the camera itself.


Bonus Tip When The New GoPro Does Come Out

Since GoPro has not yet created a separate Night mode, for the best possible night shots you can take a look at our text on how to adjust the camera settings for the best night shot. 


GoPro Hero 11 Black has some new and very interesting features, while its design is very similar to the previous model. There’s still a 2.27-inch touchscreen on the back, as well as a color LCD on the front. It also boasts a new 27MP sensor that has an even wider angle, but its main strength is in video recording – 5.3K videos at 60fps and already standard 4K video at 120fps (frames per second).

Otherwise, it works on the GoPro GP2 processor and is waterproof up to a depth of 10 meters. It is also important to note that the new camera heats up significantly less than its predecessors.

When we talk about the GoPro Hero 11 Black, we can also say that T3 Magazine gave it a full 5 stars out of a possible five, writing that the GoPro Hero 11 Black is in many ways “the ultimate in incremental evolution.” They concluded that it is a better model than the GoPro Hero 10 model – which is expected – and they were delighted with the enhanced color palette and improved user options.

In the end, if you are thinking about whether a new GoPro camera is worth buying, our answer would be a definite “YES”, especially if you need vertical shots that are particularly popular and go over well on social networks.

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